Winnipeg-Based Feminist Magazine Publishes Book Review Accusing Israel of “Ethnic Cleansing Operation” of Palestinians

Herizons describes itself as a Winnipeg-based feminist magazine, published quarterly, which according to its website, “covers gender justice, the activists and artists making it happen, and the global feminist movement.” Herizons acknowledges that it receives funding both from the Manitoba Arts Council, and the Government of Canada. In its Fall 2021 issue, Herizons published a […]

CBC The Current Features Speaker Peddling Anti-Israel Misinformation

On the January 31’s edition of CBC’s The Current, host Matt Galloway discussed a new Israeli documentary film about the history of a small Arab village in pre-state Israel called Tantura, which was the site of an alleged illegal massacre of Arabs (referred to by the CBC as Palestinians) at the hands of a group […]

Ex-CBC Reporter Neil Macdonald Laments Death of Saeb Erekat, As Does CBC Seemingly

Via Twitter today, ex-CBC reporter Neil Macdonald lamented the death of Palestinian  chief “negotiator” Saeb Erekat. Known for his anti-Israel bias, Macdonald chose to describe Erekat as a “good, decent man…” Macdonald conveniently forgot the following about Erekat: He led a $400-million Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’ policy of paying salaries of  terrorists & murderers of […]

Montreal Gazette Wrongly Portrays Fringe Anti-Israel Group’s Efforts As Representative of Jewish Community

While it’s deeply appreciated that the Montreal Gazette devoted significant front-page coverage on October 29 to the odious antisemitic attack at a Pittsburgh synagogue that saw 11 Jews murdered and half a dozen injured, it’s very regrettable that the Gazette’s reporting highlighted the efforts of a fringe anti-Israel organization called “Independent Jewish Voices” that is […]

HRC In Chronicle Herald Today: What Choice Did Israel Have?

In The Chronicle Herald today, Honest Reporting Canada noted that with “Tens of thousands of #Palestinians massed along Israel’s border with #Gaza, and many who tried to breach the Jewish state’s border with the Palestinian territory with the intent to massacre innocent Israelis,” what choice did Israel have? See our full letter online on the […]