Globe and Mail Blames Israel for Palestinian Poverty and Despair

On June 26, the Globe and Mail published a feature length, front page article, by former Mideast bureau chief Mark Mackinnon, about how the Palestinian economy was in “tatters” and which largely pointed the finger at Israel for the depressed economy, high levels of unemployment, abject poverty, and institution building in the Palestinian territories. The […]

Toronto Star Contributor Ignores that Canadian Teacher Praised Terrorists

In her latest Toronto Star commentary on November 30, contributor Azeezah Kanji failed to mention that elementary teacher Nadia Shoufani (pictured right) gained notoriety for a speech she gave which saw her “support the resistance (against Israel) in any form imaginable.” “Resistance” is a Palestinian euphemism which promotes terrorism against innocent Israelis. Shoufani also praised […]

SUCCESS! CBC Retracts Claim that Mahmoud Abbas is a "Staunch Opponent of Violence"

As we noted in our recent critical analysis of Canadian media coverage of the tensions and terror attacks on the Temple Mount, on July 22, had featured Associated Press coverage claiming that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is “… a staunch opponent of violence…” In making this statement, both AP and CBC News inserted their personal opinions into their […]