HRC Rebuts Columnist Who Justified Terror Against Israelis

On April 22nd, Louis Delvoie wrote a horrifying piece in the Kingston Whig-Standard tacitly justifying Palestinian terrorism. In the June 2nd edition of the Whig-Standard, our Executive Director, Mike Fegelman, responded to the column. Read the whole response below:

Kingston Whig-Standard Op-Ed Tantamount to Historical Revisionism

UPDATE (February 7 and 22) The Kingston Whig-Standard published HRC’s rebuttal below on February 7 which responded to Louis Delvoie’s anti-Israel commentary which was tantamount to historical revisionism. Our commentary entitled: “War create a dual refugee problem” was published on February 7. Subsequently, Louis Delvoie responded to our letter in a commentary of his own published by the […]

HRC Op-Ed Published in Kingston Whig-Standard: "Deir Yassin 'Misunderstood'"

On December 30, HRC secured commentary space in the Kingston Whig-Standard setting the record straight about what took place in Deir Yassin many decades ago and to counter several unsubstantiated allegations leveled at Israel by Louis Delvoie, a contributor to the Whig-Standard and a fellow at the Centre for International and Defence Policy at Queen’s University. Please […]