PostMedia Columnist Drafts a Fiction Claiming Israel in a State of “Chaos”

In an effort to paint Israel as a country undergoing an historic self-implosion and turmoil, Louis Delvoie engaged in mental acrobatics and drafted a fiction in his August 15 Kingston Whig-Standard commentary entitled: “Chaos in Israel”. While Israel, like most countries, is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite its challenges, Israel is fairing comparatively […]

PostMedia Columnist Ignores Jewish Indigeneity to Israel

Writing in the Kingston Whig-Standard on March 7, Louis Delvoie, a frequent critic of Israel wrote the following in a polemic entitled “The Divisions of Empire”: The same political and financial problems that led the British to abandon their Indian empire also prompted them to withdraw from Palestine, another conflict-ridden region. Rather than stay and […]

PostMedia Paper Deletes Claim that All Arab League Countries Rejected Trump’s Mideast Plan

On February 22, the PostMedia newspaper the Kingston Whig-Standard published a column by anti-Israel commentator Louis Delvoie who wrongly that all members of the Arab League had rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan, known officially as the “Peace to Prosperity” plan or, more colloquially, “The Deal Of The Century”. Delvoie has a […]

PostMedia Columnist Suggests Terrorism is “No Stranger to the Jewish Tradition”

Update: February 14, 2020: To its credit, the Kingston Whig-Standard published HRC’s letter condemning its columnist who suggested that terrorism is “no stranger to the Jewish tradition”. Our letter published on February 14 can be found below: Original Alert: February 4, 2020: HonestReporting Canada has repeatedly taken PostMedia contributing columnist Louis Delvoie to task for […]