CTV and CBC Criticize Israel For Not Vaccinating Palestinians

On CTV National News on January 28, London-based reporter Danielle Hamamdjian produced a story that started out well by lauding Israel’s leading the world in COVID vaccinations, but the reporter couldn’t stop without maligning Israel three times: 1) By adding five seconds of footage of observant (Haredi) Jews clashing with Israeli police over COVID-related restrictions. […]

CTV National Defends its Falsely Claiming Israel Destroyed a Gaza “Cultural Centre”

On September 13, HRC received the following response from CTV National News after we filed a complaint with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) after CTV National News aired a report on August 9 which wrongly claimed that Israel destroyed a major Gaza “cultural centre”, whereas Israel contends the building was Hamas’ headquarters which was used […]

CTV Reporter Tacitly Advocates Palestinian "Right of Return"

On January 16, HonestReporting Canada called on CTV to issue an immediate on-air correction to remedy erroneous and unattributed statements made on the previous day’s broadcast by Mideast Bureau Chief Martin Seemungal on CTV National News. Reporter Martin Seemungal incorrectly and unfairly stated the following: Seemungal: “Their right of return, one of the most emotionally  […]