Economics Are Uniting Israel & The Arab World Together: HRC Asserts In Times Of Israel

In our latest commentary published in the Times of Israel, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman asserted that: “Recent years have shown that the desire for peace with Israel in the Arab world remains high, and there is no question that Israel’s economic growth will be a continued driver in forging comprehensive Middle East peace.” Read […]

Globe and Mail Book Review Replete With Anti-Israel Misinformation

Rarely does a book review in a major Canadian newspaper include widespread and significant anti-Israel misinformation, but that is exactly what readers of Saturday’s Globe and Mail were treated to with the recent book review: “Authors offer insights born of personal perspectives in new books examining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” where author JP O’Malley reviewed two […]

As U.S. Exits Afghanistan, Israeli Territorial Withdrawals Serve As a Teachable Moment

The Taliban takeover of all of Afghanistan seems all but assured with the Islamist extremist group recently taking the capital, Kabul. And while there are discussions taking place around the world, including in Canada, about whether countries should recognize – if at all – the new Taliban dictatorship, these discussions have largely surrounded the question […]

Hezbollah Leader’s Genocidal Intent on Full Display

On July 5, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah delivered a rousing speech to his followers at a pro-Palestinian conference in Lebanon. While his speech contained all the same ingredients as usual – condemnations of Israel, boasting about Hezbollah’s military prowess – he made another statement which was extremely noteworthy. “There are no people in the Israeli […]

CTV and CBC Criticize Israel For Not Vaccinating Palestinians

On CTV National News on January 28, London-based reporter Danielle Hamamdjian produced a story that started out well by lauding Israel’s leading the world in COVID vaccinations, but the reporter couldn’t stop without maligning Israel three times: 1) By adding five seconds of footage of observant (Haredi) Jews clashing with Israeli police over COVID-related restrictions. […]