Star Columnist Thomas Walkom Claims Trudeau’s Anti-Israel Rhetoric Can Help Him Win An Election – Except Polls Show Exactly The Opposite

In the latest anti-Israel opinion column appearing in The Toronto Star, a May 31 commentary by Thomas Walkom entitled: “On Israel, Justin Trudeau has found himself,” the columnist demonstrated a particular disregard for factual accuracy. He wrote that “another tribunal, the International Court of Justice, called on Israel to end the war in Gaza.” This […]

Toronto Star Columnist Linda McQuaig Triggered By Anti-Hamas Comments From Justin Trudeau

Linda McQuaig, one of the Toronto Star’s most vehement anti-Israel ideologues, published an opinion column on May 30 entitled: “Justin Trudeau says he respects international law. His actions this week say otherwise,” where she fawned over the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Khan, a son of a Pakistani Muslim immigrant, who […]

HRC Prompts Toronto Star To Issue Important Correction & Clarification Notices

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, former United States ambassador to the United Nations once famously observed that: “You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” This certainly holds true for newspaper columnists and letters to the editor published in newspaper broadsheets. Importantly, on March 27 and 31 respectively, HonestReporting Canada […]

Canadian Journal Of Communication, Recipient Of Federal Taxpayer Dollars, Publishes Commentary From Laith Marouf’s Organization, The Community Media Advocacy Centre

In August, Laith Marouf became infamous for spreading vile comments about Jews. That month, Marouf, a Beirut-based consultant and founder of the Community Media Advocacy Centre, whose mission is described on its website as being “To disrupt settler colonialism and oppression in the media,” was revealed to have written comments online widely seen as being […]