Open Letter Signed By Canadian “Journalists” Calls For More Pro-Palestinian Content

More than 150 “journalists” across Canada have signed onto a recent open letter, entitled: “Journalists in Canada condemn Israel’s continued killing of journalists in Gaza,” decrying what they describe as the “violence enacted upon journalists (and civilians) in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli government.” That journalists have been killed in Gaza covering the war […]

Toronto Star Columnist Shree Paradkar Tells Canadaland Pro-Israel Groups Attempt To Intimidate Journalists Into Silence

In a November 18 column in the Toronto Star entitled: “Why definition of antisemitism has become a polarizing issue,” Columnist and Internal Ombud, Shree Paradkar, took issue with a recent vote at Vancouver city council which adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism. The definition, adopted by dozens of countries including […]

CBC’s Biased Anti-Israel Reporting Of “Gaza Solidarity Protests” In Ottawa

HonestReporting Canada has lodged a complaint with CBC News after our public broadcaster produced biased anti-Israel reporting about a recent “Gaza solidarity protest” that was held in our nation’s capital, wherein the CBC’s reporting sanitized Islamic Jihad terrorism, whitewashed the anti-Israel rally, and spread disinformation about the three days of hostilities between IDF forces and […]

Review of Journalism Magazine Defends Journalists Who Act As Anti-Israel Activists

The intractable “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” is considered one of the most difficult beats for journalists to cover. But a recent column in Review of Journalism, a Toronto-based magazine entitled: “CBC’s Palestine Exception,” Rahaf Farawi, a Podcast Producer for the magazine and a committee member with the Toronto Palestine Film Festival, not only grossly over-simplifies – and […]