HRC Letter In Hill Times Rebuts Columnist’s Accusing Israel of Human Rights Abuses & Completely Ignoring Palestinian Terrorism

In The Hill Times on March 13, columnist Mukarram Zaidi accused Israel of committing human rights abuses against the Palestinian people. However, in so doing, Zaidi completely ignored how Israeli politicians and society at large reject violence against Palestinians, all while the Palestinian leadership – and much of Palestinian society – celebrates the murder of […]

Palestinians Celebrate A Bloody Terrorist Attack In Jerusalem: Where’s The Media Coverage?

On Friday evening, January 27 – coinciding with International Holocaust Remembrance Day – a Palestinian terrorist murdered seven innocent Israelis outside a Jerusalem synagogue. While the attack was condemned by countries around the world, the attack was celebrated throughout the Palestinian territories where residents passed out candies, honked horns in celebration, and set off celebratory fireworks. While such scenes are sickening, it’s important for the […]

Palestinian Terrorism Praised At Toronto Rally

On January 29, Toronto4Palestine, a self-proclaimed “grassroots movement amplifying oppressed voices through action in the GTA,” held an “emergency rally” at Toronto’s Dundas Square that saw participants praise Palestinian terrorism and call for Israel’s destruction. The rally was held just two days after a Palestinian terrorist murdered 7 innocent Israelis outside a Jerusalem-area synagogue on […]