Column in Kingston Whig Standard Misrepresents Zionism & Downplays Jewish Connections To Israel

Alia Hogben is a respected feminist activist who has been widely recognized for her efforts, and is also a regular columnist The Kingston Whig Standard. Regrettably, her January 29 opinion column, “On Judaism, Zionism,” fundamentally misrepresents the basics of Zionism, and instead uses that false depiction to create a highly negative image of Israel. Hogben begins her […]

HRC Letter Published in PEI’s The Guardian Reminds Readers of Jesus’ Jewish Identity

On December 28, The Guardian, a newspaper based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI), published a letter by HonestReporting Canada’s assistant director, Robert Walker challenging recent anti-Israel disinformation which claimed that Jesus was a Palestinian. In reality, Jesus was a Jew, born in the land of Judea. Read it in full appended below:

After Claiming That Israeli-Canadian Woman Died “As A Result Of Conflict,” And Not At The Hands Of Hamas Terrorists, An HRC Intervention Prompted CBC To Acknowledge The Truth

Following the horror and carnage perpetrated by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians on the morning of October 7, and amidst the huge number of victims being identified and named, news media outlets have begun publishing articles, connecting some of the victims to their extended families around the world. On October 11, CBC News Ottawa writers […]