Michael Coren Claims Israel Oppresses Palestinian Christians, not Radical Islam

Update: May 2, 2017: The only response Michael Coren could offer to our reasoned critique of his commentary which claimed that Israel oppresses Palestinian Christians, was to claim that HRC carried out an “immediate and unfair attack”. See his Tweet below:  Even moderate, informed criticism of #Israel can lead to immediate & unfair attacks https://t.co/SlvP1LF8Wc […]

CBC Amends "Occupied Territories" Reference… Well, Sort Of

Following communication by HonestReporting Canada staff on June 3 to senior editors at the CBC, an online report by Mideast Bureau Chief Derek Stoffel was amended to remove an inaccurate reference he made of the existence of  “Occupied (Palestinian) Territories”. Mr. Stoffel’s report entitled: “Israeli Tourism Ministry drops gay pride plane promotion after activists protest” […]

HRC Op-Ed in CJN: "Muslim Persecution, Not Israeli Occupation, is to Blame"

In an op-ed published in the June 19 edition of the Canadian Jewish News, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman notes that contrary to the claims of a Globe and Mail journalist, “Muslim persecution, not Israeli occupation, is to blame” for the exodus of the region’s Palestinian Christians. Read the op-ed in full immediately below: