HRC in Prince George Citizen: “Don’t Weep for Palestine”

In the Prince George Citizen today, HRC Research Analyst Jake Beaumont asserts that when it comes to Israel, and discussing the Israel-Palestine conflict, anti-Israel activists tend to champion the Palestinian cause without understanding the salient and pertinent facts behind the very situation they are meandering about. Read our letter in full as appended below:

HRC in the Vancouver Province: "West Should Adopt Israeli Security Systems to Stay Safe"

In the Vancouver Province today, HRC Research Analyst Jake Beaumont says that “when it comes to airport security, Israel is regarded as the gold standard. On a daily basis, Israel is forced to deal with strategic, tactical and existential terror threats, while facing constant scrutiny from the international community and our media for efforts that […]

HRC in Daily Gleaner: "Ottawa is Right to Slam BDS Movement "

HRC Research Analyst Jake Beaumont affirms that Canada was right to condemn the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement in a letter published in the Daily Gleaner today: Canada’s Ottawa Protocol dictates that “singling Israel out for selective condemnation and opprobrium — let alone denying its right to exist or seeking its destruction — is discriminatory […]

HRC in Huffington Post Canada: "Trudeau Is Correct In His Condemnation Of BDS"

In overwhelmingly condemning BDS in the House of Commons recently, Canadian parliamentarians have greatly advanced the prospects for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. BDS, which stands for boycott, divestment, and sanctions, is a movement which seeks Israel’s destruction and which denies Israel’s right to self-determination, a UN guaranteed right given to all nations. The BDS […]