Success! Ombudsman Upholds Complaints About Problematic CBC Coverage of Israel-Hamas War

HonestReporting Canada is pleased to share that subsequent to a number of problematic reports broadcast on various CBC News programs last Spring during Hamas’ war against Israel, and thanks to direct action taken by HRC, our subscribers, and the public at large, our public broadcaster’s ombudsman has upheld our concerns in a number of areas. […]

Headline Fail: CBC Continues to Avoid Labelling Palestinian as Attackers

True to form and consistent with recent CBC journalistic infractions, CBC continued its disturbing trend of not labelling Palestinians as attackers in its headline coverage. An article published today on the CBC News website carried the following misleading headline (emphasis added): “Palestinian man killed, another another arrested as Israel hunts for rabbi’s killer”. As we’ve noted […]

CBC TV Claims Fire Merely "Broke Out" at Joseph's Tomb

On October 16, HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with CBC where we strenuously objected to CBC TV’s reporting that morning by Anchor Heather Hiscox who claimed that fire merely “broke out” at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus vs. it being intentionally torched by Palestinian rioters. Ms. Hiscox’s report aired at 6:18am and it can be viewed […]

CBC Commissioned Vote Compass Singles Out Canadian Support for Israel

When participating in the CBC commissioned Vote Compass survey tool, many HonestReporting Canada subscribers were alarmed that Canadian support for Israel was singled out. Vote Compass, which has in the past been accused of skewing results in favour of the Liberal Party of Canada, describes itself as “an educational tool developed by political scientists designed […]