Debating Israel’s Right to Exist Is Appalling HRC Says in Lethbridge Herald

HRC responded to an article in the Lethbridge Herald which reported that a Palestinian speaker at a conference organized by the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs (SACPA) debated Israel’s right to exist. Naturally, HRC was outraged that such a vile comment was made, in public no less, at an event on the history of the Middle […]

Israel’s Very Right to Exist Reportedly Debated at Lethbridge Event

No, this is not a joke. The Lethbridge Herald today reports that Israel’s very existence and the removal of the world’s only Jewish state was openly discussed as a potential solution to the Mideast’s problems at an event in Lethbridge yesterday. In an address to the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs (SACPA), Mohammed Abushaban (pictured right), a […]