Al Quds Day 2024 Features Fanatical Speakers Glorifying Murders Against Israelis

Only months after seizing control of Iran with the Islamic Revolution, the country’s new religious leaders declared that thereafter, the last Friday of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, would be Al Quds Day. Meaning Jerusalem Day in Arabic, the event would commemorate the fanatical ideological opposition to Israel’s existence among Iran’s new clerical leaders, and […]

Success! After HRC Complaint, Globe And Mail Amends Headline Which Equated Palestinian Terrorists To Hostages Kidnapped By Hamas

On November 24, The Globe and Mail published an article on an agreement that would see kidnapped Israeli hostages taken by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, released in exchange for convicted Palestinian terrorists held in Israeli jails and other individuals detained for their involvement in violence against Israelis. In covering this development, the Globe published […]

HRC Prompts Major CBC Correction on Trump’s Jerusalem Policy

On January 21, CBC published an “analysis” report by Mideast bureau chief Derek Stoffel who erroneously claimed the following (emphasis added): The Pence visit comes six weeks after the vice-president stood next to his boss in the White House as Trump reversed decades of American policy that the status of Jerusalem should be decided […]

Globe Contributor Michael Bell Says Israeli Settlements are a "Cancerous Obstacle"

Not one to mince his words, in an interview with the United Church Observer in its February 2017 edition, Michael Bell, a contributor to the Globe and Mail, resorted to hyperbole and inflammatory rhetoric by saying that Israeli settlements “with over half a million nationalist Israelis in them — are a growing and cancerous obstacle.” […]

Hamilton Spectator Amends Unfair Headline, Deletes Anti-Semitic Comment, Published HRC Letter

A Hamilton Spectator headline to a New York Times article published to its website yesterday has been amended following a complaint by HonestReporting Canada. The headline: “Rocket fired at Israel in response to prisoner’s ‘assassination’” unfairly attributed the death of an incarcerated Palestinian, Arafat Jaradat, in an Israeli jail as an ‘assassination’ based on unfounded […]