Hill Times Commentators Decry Lack Of Support For Palestinian Women, All While Completely Ignoring Hamas’ Sexual Crimes Against Israeli Women

On March 8, Katherine Bullock, a lecturer at the University of Toronto, Tazeen Hasan, an advocacy manager with Justice For All Canada and Nawel Hamidi, assistant professor at Saint Paul University, wrote an article in the Hill Times, entitled: “Trudeau’s feminist policies have failed Palestinian women and girls” in which the authors called on the […]

Ottawa Citizen Columnist Proposes “Reconciliation Processes” For Israelis & Palestinians – But Does Not Acknowledge Palestinian Rejectionism Against Israel

In her December 12 opinion column in The Ottawa Citizen entitled: “How about a truth and reconciliation commission for the Gaza conflict?” local educator, writer and artist Aisha Sherazi proposed pursuing “reconciliation processes” to help set the stage for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. While such a concept is laudable in theory, in practice, Sherazi’s […]