National Post Food Reporter Invents State of “Palestine”

On what basis can the National Post assert that there’s a “historic food culture” from the non-existent state of “Palestine”? The Post’s food reporter Laura Brehaut reviewed a new cookbook called “Falastin” saying it’s a “chronicle of Palestine’s people and foodways” by “Jerusalem-born” chef and restauranteur Sami Tamimi, however, if he’s Jerusalem-born, then he’s the […]

CBC Wrongly Claims Israeli Security Barrier is a Permanent Demarcation Line

In coverage of U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel, on May 21, CBC News reporter Susan Ormiston filed 2 reports which wrongly claimed that the Israeli Security Barrier is a “permanent” demarcation line and barrier. Ormiston’s CBC Online report stated the following: “The separation barriers were constructed by Israel 14 years ago to stop attacks […]