PostMedia Papers Publish Clarification: Who Killed Palestinian Journalist Unknown

  On May 12, the National Post and many PostMedia newspapers, published a Washington Post wire brief which carried an unverified claim in its headline asserting that: “Israeli forces kill Al Jazeera journalist,” while the lead paragraph claimed that: “Israeli forces killed a Palestinian-American journalist for the Al Jazeera news network in the West Bank […]

CBC Airs Outrageous Claim That Israel Develops And Tests Weapons On Palestinians For Profit

On December 4, CBC Our Montreal broadcast a report about a new exhibit at Montreal’s Musée d’art Contemporain which documents how the Pegasus malware was used by governments to target hundreds of journalists and human rights workers. CBC host Catherine Verdon-Diamond spoke with filmmaker Laura Poitras and Eyal Weizman of Forensic Architecture, two of the […]

UPDATED: Canadian Armed Forces Apologizes & Deletes Anti-Israel Article After HRC Complaint

Update: October 19, 2021: Yesterday, in response to a complaint filed by HonestReporting Canada and scores of our subscribers, the Canadian Armed Forces unreservedly apologized for the harm it caused by publishing an anti-Israel article and have deleted it in its entirety from its website. In response, HonestReporting Canada Executive Director Mike Fegelman issued the […]

Fakhrizadeh Killing Proves IDF Most Moral Army, HRC Asserts in Times of Israel

Anti-Israel critics frequently deride the country’s moniker as being home to “the world’s most moral army,” arguing that the Jewish state is guilty of terrible crimes against humanity and war crimes, including “disproportionate response” by Israel’s armed forces against acts of terrorism. And although such terms may make for good rhetorical fodder against Israel, those […]

As U.S. Exits Afghanistan, Israeli Territorial Withdrawals Serve As a Teachable Moment

The Taliban takeover of all of Afghanistan seems all but assured with the Islamist extremist group recently taking the capital, Kabul. And while there are discussions taking place around the world, including in Canada, about whether countries should recognize – if at all – the new Taliban dictatorship, these discussions have largely surrounded the question […]