Vancouver-Based Adbusters Magazine Publishes Repulsive Anti-Israel & Antisemitic Propaganda

Based in Vancouver, Adbusters has a long history of publishing content which has been accused of antisemitism. In 2004, the anti-consumerist/activist magazine was condemned by Canadian Jewish groups, including HonestReporting Canada, for running a list of influential neo-conservative U.S. policymakers and placing an asterisk next to the Jewish names. In 2010, Adbusters published an antisemitic […]

Hamas’ Economic War Against Its Own People: The Honest Report Podcast – Episode 20

Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip suffer from one of the highest levels of poverty and unemployment in the world. It is a human rights tragedy for the 1.8 million residents of the coastal enclave. But while international nongovernmental organizations and media outlets frequently point the finger at Israel, in reality, it is Hamas, the […]

The Hamas-Fatah Pact: When Unity Divides

Last week, Fatah and Hamas reached a unity agreement. The deal between the Islamist regime in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority governing the West Bank calls for a unity government to be formed within five weeks and for presidential, parliamentary and provincial elections to be called within six months of the coalition taking form. The sides will also […]