CBC Radio Report Ignores Israeli Casualties of Hamas Terror Attack

On November 21, CBC Radio aired several reports throughout the day that briefly covered the Hamas terror attack in Jerusalem where an Israeli was killed and four other Israelis were injured in the shooting attack. CBC had broadcast reports by freelancer Irris Makler about the U.K.’s decision to ban Hamas in its entirety as a […]

CBC’s Freelance Reporter Claims Gaza is an “Open-Air Prison”

Yesterday, in an interview on the CBC program Front Burner about recent fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas terrorists, freelance reporter Irris Makler claimed that the Gaza Strip is an “open-air prison.” Listen to this segment immediately below and listen to the full interview by clicking here. Makler said the following: The big concern is […]

HRC Prompts CBC Correction: Murder of 3 Israeli Teens Not in ICC Investigative Scope

A March 3 CBC Radio report on the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) announcing that it will open up a “war crimes” investigation on Israel and Palestinians “militants” saw freelance journalist Irris Makler erroneously state the following: She (ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda) will also investigate the Palestinians for the kidnap and murder of three Israeli soldiers […]

CTV and CBC Criticize Israel For Not Vaccinating Palestinians

On CTV National News on January 28, London-based reporter Danielle Hamamdjian produced a story that started out well by lauding Israel’s leading the world in COVID vaccinations, but the reporter couldn’t stop without maligning Israel three times: 1) By adding five seconds of footage of observant (Haredi) Jews clashing with Israeli police over COVID-related restrictions. […]

HRC Prompts CBC Clarification: Temple Mount is Judaism’s Holiest Site

On February 6, CBC.ca published an analysis article by freelance reporter Irris Makler entitled: “Having rejected Trump’s peace plan, Palestinians worry ‘what will happen next?’” In the report, Ms. Makler stated the following which HonestReporting Canada took issue with in a complaint filed with CBC: (emphasis added) Jerusalem is home to the third-holiest site in […]

Israel Under Fire By Hamas Rockets – Canadian Media’s Lacklustre News Coverage

In the past 24 hours, Palestinians terrorists in Gaza, chiefly Hamas, have fired more than 180 rockets and mortars at Israeli towns triggering 150 Israeli counter strikes targeting Hamas military installations. The onslaught of rocket fire has seen 19 Israeli civilians wounded and taken to hospital. Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system has intercepted 30 […]