Meet Mohammad Assadi, Ottawa Anti-Israel Activist & Promoter Of Hezbollah Terrorist Propaganda

HonestReporting Canada has previously alerted the public to the nefarious actions of noted anti-Israel activist Firas al-Najim, one of the country’s most prominent campaigners against the Jewish State, and our efforts helped to ensure that al-Najim was suspended from Twitter, as well as TikTok, two popular platforms where much of his hate was disseminated. Al-Najim’s […]

In Waterloo Record & Hamilton Spectator HRC Says: “Don’t Equate Israel With Iran”

In response to a December 10 Gwynne Dyer op-ed published in the Waterloo Record and Hamilton Spectator which argued that Iran doesn’t pose a “mortal threat” to Israel, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman’s rebuttal was published in both papers arguing that: Irrespective of whether or not Israel possesses nuclear weapons, it’s simply absurd for Gwynne […]