Worth Reading: Is Hamas Manipulating Coverage of the Gaza Conflict?

Today’s must read article comes courtesy of the Waterloo Record by Daniel M. Berry, a professor of computer science and software engineering at the University of Waterloo who expounds on Hamas manipulation of the media in the current conflict. For an updated version with more evidence and alive links to the evidence in other Web pages, […]

Star Columnist Calls out Palestinian Authority for Keeping Media Under its Thumb

Toronto Star columnist Vivian Bercovici today expounds on how the Palestinian Authority systematically intimidates, harasses and jails its own journalists while Israel boasts a vibrant free press unparalleled in the Middle East. Mainstream media tendency to ignore the lack of free press in Palestinian areas only perpetuates the problem. If the Palestinian Authority wants to be […]

According to the Globe & Mail: Hamas-Controlled Gaza is a Place Where the "Press is Free"

It was surprising to see the Globe and Mail on May 3 (see image at right) refer to Hamas-controlled Gaza as an area where the “press is free”. Instead, Hamas continually arrests and imprisons journalists, confiscates media equipment, censors criticism, and intimidates the press. This helps explain why there are no foreign correspondents permanently based in Gaza, the […]