HRC In Penticton Herald: “Israel Letter Writer Was Wrong Again”

See HonestReporting Canada’s Noah Lewis’ rebuttal “Israel letter writer was wrong again” in the Penticton Herald today to a letter which disingenuously depicted Israeli presence in Judea & Samaria (the WestBank) as a “flagrant violation” of international law.

Globe and Mail Publishes Misleading and Unfair Article by Reporter Mark Mackinnon

On May 13, the Globe and Mail published a front-page feature length article by Senior International Correspondent Mark Mackinnon entitled: “From Beit El and beyond, Israelis see hope as Palestinians despair ahead of Trump’s peace plan.” The thrust of Mackinnon’s article was summed up in the Globe’s sub-headline: “The Palestinians have given up on Trump’s […]

CTV News Report an "Anti-Israel Diatribe"

“A potentially enlightening CTV National television report about Ma’ale Adumim ends up twisted into an anti-Israel diatribe; it wasn’t the beauty they came to see, it was lies they hoped to spread.” Those are the words of Paula Stern, CEO of WritePoint Ltd., a leading technical writing company in Israel. Paula lives in M’aale Adumim […]

HRC Prompts Amendment to Gerald Caplan Column in the Globe and Mail

On August 15, the Globe and Mail published an online column by its house Israel-critic, commentator Gerald Caplan, who erroneously claimed the following: “We know, by international law, that Israel is illegally occupying both Gaza and the West Bank. We know that no Israeli government has ever stopped allowing Palestinian land to be appropriated for Israeli […]