Success! Canadian Anti-Israel Detractor’s Original Account No Longer Exists On TikTok

SUCCESS!!! We are pleased to report that with the help of the entire HonestReporting Canada community, the original account from Firas al-Najim, which had a following of over 8,000 people, and which hosted multiple antisemitic videos, no longer exists on TikTok. Original Story Below Just days after International Holocaust Remembrance Day, HonestReporting Canada is alarmed […]

HRC Condemns Chronicle Herald for Printing Antisemitic Letter Claiming Jews Killed Jesus

Update: February 10, 2020: Our letter condemning the publication of an antisemitic letter in the Chroncile Herald was published today: Original Alert: February 4, 2020: HonestReporting Canada takes serious issue with a letter published in the Chronicle Herald on International Holocaust Remembrance Day no less, that was rife with antisemitic tropes and Jewish conspiracy theories. […]

Ottawa Citizen Publishes Letter Claiming Israel Caused a Palestinian Holocaust

In a letter published in the Ottawa Citizen on January 28, only one day after International Holocaust Remembrance Day, letter writer Michael Price outrageously claimed Israel carried out a genocide of Palestinians akin to the Nazis systematic murder of 6 million Jews. See the letter appended below. In so doing, Mr. Price trumped up libelous […]