Will Antisemitism Register at Ryerson University and its Magazine?

The Winter 2022 issue of Ryerson University Magazine was recently distributed to alumni and friends with many people contacting HonestReporting Canada to express concern that a featured program that Ryerson is jointly producing with TD Bank called “Generous Futures: Power and Politics in Charitable Giving,” did not list combating antisemitism as one of the program’s […]

Israel and the Jewish People’s Legal Rights to Judea and Samaria

Often given a platform by the mainstream media, the biggest accusation leveled against Israel is that it’s an “illegal occupier of Palestinian land.” Accordingly, when Israel fought a defensive war against annihilation by its Arab neighbours in 1967 – gaining control of a wide swath of land including Judea & Samaria (otherwise known today as […]

CJN and International Coverage: University Steps In Over McGill Daily’s Anti-Zionism Ban

Check out the Canadian Jewish News’ coverage of HRC’s being disturbed by the McGill Daily’s reaffirming its discriminatory anti-Zionist policy. The article can be read via the CJN’s website or immediately below. Also see coverage in the Jerusalem Post, Algemeiner, TNC News, The Post Millenial, McGill Tribune, JNS News, and Cleveland Jewish News. See also […]