Anti-Israel Group IJV Makes Common Cause with Extremist Group Palestine House

From time to time, Canadian media outlets quote representatives from a fringe anti-Israel group known as Independent Jewish Voices (IJV). Aside from being not representative of mainstream Jewish Canadian groups, IJV has been criticized for being against the very existence of the world’s only Jewish state and according to IHRA, their supporting anti-Zionism and their […]

McGill Daily Back To Its Old Anti-Israel Tricks

Update: March 30, 2020: The Daily published a commentary by Andreas Iakovos Koch on March 27 promoting another SPHR effort while noting the following: “In October 2018, the ASN provoked more controversy on campus by inviting Nuseir Yassin, better known by his Facebook name Nas Daily, a Palestinian citizen of Israel and video-blogger who has […]

McGill Daily Runs Polemic Accusing Hillel of Offering Free “Propaganda” Trip to Israel

In an attempt to manufacture conflict and intimidate pro-Israel supporters and any McGill University students who may be open to learning more about the Jewish state, the discriminatory anti-Zionist propaganda paper the McGill Daily published a polemic on November 13 accusing Hillel McGill and GenMTL of having the temerity to offer free trips to Israel, […]

CJN and International Coverage: University Steps In Over McGill Daily’s Anti-Zionism Ban

Check out the Canadian Jewish News’ coverage of HRC’s being disturbed by the McGill Daily’s reaffirming its discriminatory anti-Zionist policy. The article can be read via the CJN’s website or immediately below. Also see coverage in the Jerusalem Post, Algemeiner, TNC News, The Post Millenial, McGill Tribune, JNS News, and Cleveland Jewish News. See also […]

HRC Disturbed by McGill Daily’s Reaffirming its Discriminatory Anti-Zionist Policy

The McGill Daily, a campus paper accused of antisemitism and known for singling Israel out for exclusive condemnation, has reaffirmed its “anti-Zionist stance” that sees pro-Israel commentaries banned from the publication. In its November 4 edition, the paper’s editorial board penned a “response” that characterized the State of Israel as a “racist” and “colonial movement” […]

HRC In the National Post: “Antisemitism Evident” in Anti-Zionists

In the National Post today, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman commented on how Canada’s recongizing the IHRA definition of antisemitism, recognizes that when anti-Israel detractors support anti-Zionism, that those efforts are actually antisemitic. Here’s our letter in full: While it’s certainly praiseworthy that the National Post devoted significant frontpage coverage to Canada’s adopting the International […]