HRC in Williams Lake Tribune: "Opinion On War Has No Foundation"

In the Williams Lake Tribune, HRC countered a columnist’s claim  that Israeli forces intentionally target Palestinian children for political purposes. Read our full letter below: Opinion on war has no foundation – November 25, 2015 In war, the first casualty is the truth. Williams Lake Tribune columnist Diana French outrageously accuses Israel of “terrorism” implying that Israeli […]

Globe and CBC Acknowledge Hamas Fires Rockets From Palestinian Civilian Areas

Correction (February 12, 2016): In an HRC blog post on July 17, 2014, we reported that then Globe and Mail Mideast Bureau Chief Patrick Martin had witnessed several Palestinian rockets being launched near a UN school in Gaza. Several weeks later, we published an HRC blog post which asked rhetorically “one wonders when specifically they (reporter Martin […]

After Maligning the Israel Defense Forces, CBC's Atonement Falls Short

On the October 20 broadcast of the CBC Radio program “The Sunday Edition”, host Michael Enright interviewed Dana Golan, described by the CBC as “a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces” and “former executive director of the Israeli NGO, Breaking the Silence (BTS), which compiled the stories of disillusioned Israeli soldiers in a new book […]