Canadian Military Magazine Contributor Spreads Falsehoods About Israel

In a recent May 22 edition of Espirit de Corps, a Canadian military magazine, commentator Morgan Duchesney baselessly accused Israel of committing “ongoing atrocities” against Palestinians. Not only is there no foundation for these spurious allegations, Duchesney is also spreading deliberate falsehoods with the intention of maligning Israel as a human rights offender, when nothing […]

HRC Webinar: When Iran’s Systematic Human Rights Violations Go Underreported

If you missed HonestReporting Canada’s Insider Briefing webinar on October 1 with all-star panelists Alireza Nader and Sayeh Hassan, who examined the consequences of the media’s failure to report on Iran’s systematic human rights violations, watch it here: One of the world’s leading human rights offenders, the Iranian regime is known for its ruthless persecution […]

Bob Rae Pushes Back Against CBC Anchor’s Anti-Israel Question

Kudos to Bob Rae, Canada’s new Ambassador to the United Nations, for pushing back against CBC News Anchor Adrian Harewood’s anti-Israel question which was posed during an interview which implied that Canadian support for Israel led to Canada’s loss of a seat at the Security Council. Credit as well to Ambassador Rae for supporting the […]

McGill Daily Publishes Another Pro-Zionism Letter After Outcry

On January 20, The McGill Daily, a campus paper accused of antisemitism for its anti-Zionist stance, known for singling Israel out for exclusive condemnation, and whose content is created partly by anti-Israel groups, published a letter to the editor from Dr.  Noam Schimmel, Associate Fellow at McGill’s Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, which […]