HRC in Huffington Post: "When Criticism of Israel Becomes Anti-Semitism"

This commentary was co-authored by Josh Benjamin, Research Analyst at HonestReporting Canada. No country is perfect and it certainly isn’t difficult to find imperfections in every country in the world. Indubitably, some countries are more flawed than others. Surely Iran, Cuba and North Korea have more flaws than the United States, Canada and Israel combined. […]

Hey, La Presse, Let’s Have That Conversation About Apartheid

In the Montreal daily La Presse, Israel critic Agnes Gruda attempts unsuccessfully to compare Israel to an apartheid state. Following La Presse’s refusal to allow us to set the record straight, HRC took to the pages of Huff Post to correct Ms. Gruda’s incorrect assertions about “separate roads, “voting rights, and the definition of apartheid. French […]

Where’s the Coverage? Palestinian Speaker Calls for Death of Israelis at Al Quds Day Rally

Al Quds Day, brainchild of the “peace-loving” Iranian regime which distinguishes itself globally as the world’s hardest-working exporter of terrorism, stayed true to its spirit of violence and hatred this year as events across the globe escalated in record levels of violence and intensity. Bearing fake coffins and chanting “Death to America and Israel”, Al […]

NBA’s Stoudemire in Israel for Maccabiah Games with Canadian Basketball Team

Huffington Post blogger Arsen Ostrovsky reports six-time NBA All-Star and NY Knicks player Amar’e Stoudemire is currently in Israel, where he is the assistant coach for the Canadian basketball team playing in the Maccabiah Games, also known as the ‘Jewish Olympics’, the world’s largest Jewish athletic competition. Asked what draws him to the Holy Land, […]

Worth Reading: Huffington Post Blog, "Ashke-Nazis: Is that an N Word?"

Huff Post blogger and Chaplain Diane Weber Bederman examines examines anti-Israel slander and Jew hatred as expressed in the new antisemitism. How does a small town radio-host in a rural part of Canada with few Jewish residents spew hatred against Jews with such ease? Read the full op-ed below: I live in a small rural […]

Calling Terror by its Rightful Name

In our latest Huffington Post Canada op-ed published on May 28, we asked whether Globe and Mail MIdeast bureau chief Patrick Martin had implied that Israelis in the west bank were legitimate targets for terror. Read our full op-ed entitled: “Calling Terror by its Rightful Name” as appended below: Canadian and international media often shy away from […]