Shemittah: One Of Many Arrows In The Quiver Proving Jewish Indigeneity In Israel

This past week, one of the most unique agricultural practices in the world kicked off in Israel. As of the evening of September 6, coinciding with the first night of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, nearly 100,000 acres of arable farmland in Israel will sit fallow for an entire year. This rare practice, called […]

Jews Never Lost Desire To Return to Their Ancestral Homeland Asserts HRC In PEI Guardian

In an op-ed published in the Saltwire newspaper the PEI Guardian today, HRC Marketing and Community Relations Associate, Robert Walker, argued that Jews have never lost their desire to return to their ancestral homeland. Walker also pointed out that: “Peace will only come when the Palestinian leadership accepts Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish […]

HRC Op-Ed In Peterborough Examiner: Israel Has Been The Jewish Homeland For Millennia

In an op-ed published in the Peterborough Examiner today, HRC responded to a Rosemary Ganley commentary on January 23 which failed to assign any blame or responsibility to the Palestinians themselves (or to the Arab world at large) for their situation. Only Israel was maligned and was the recipient of condemnation. HRC set the record […]