CBC Journalist Laments “Cruel” Spotlight Shone on Yaroslav Hunka, WW2 Nazi-Unit Veteran

The fallout from the Yaroslav Hunka affair continues. Following the September 22 standing ovation on Parliament Hill given to the 98-year-old veteran of the First Ukrainian Division, a unit affiliated with the Nazi Waffen-SS during World War Two, condemnations from politicians, human rights organizations and the news media have been swift and widespread, and calls […]

WATCH: Palestinian Rioters Destroy Historic Jewish Religious Site – Media Silent

For the third time in about 20 years, Joseph’s Tomb, an ancient Jewish religious site located in the biblical city of Shechem, or Nablus, has been desecrated by Palestinian extremists, who attempted to set the site ablaze. Joseph’s Tomb, said to be the burial place of the biblical Joseph, was attacked by Palestinian rioters in […]

The Honest Report podcast episode 14: The media’s lopsided coverage of Jerusalem Day

Each year since 1968, Israel has celebrated Jerusalem Day, commemorating the liberation of the city from Jordanian occupation. And each year, a march with flags is a highlight of the day. And like clockwork, Israelis waving flags is called a provocation by the news media, arguing that Jews waving flags needlessly provokes Hamas into killing […]