Worth Reading Journal Pioneer Op-Ed: Israel Caught Between Beijing and Washington

Henry Srebrnik in the Journal Pioneer today says that Israel ???????? is caught between a rock and a hard place Beijing ???????? and Washington ????????.   According to Srebrnik: “Over the past decade, the #Jewish state has broadened its global appeal as a start-up nation in technology and innovation to attract foreign direct investment. This […]

HRC Responds to Outrageous Claim of a "Palestinian Holocaust" in Journal Pioneer

In the Journal Pioneer, letter writer Richard Deaton crossed the line comparing Jews to Nazis, claiming Israel is conducting a ‘Palestinian Holocaust’. Here is the letter as it appeared in the Pioneer on April 1: Noting that such comparisons fit squarely within contemporary definitions of anti-Semitism, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman  responds below in a […]

Occupied Territories? Which Ones?

In a commentary in The Charlottetown Guardian, professor of political science professor at the University of Prince Edward Island, Henry Srebrnik, observes: “What do most people think of when someone talks about “the Occupied Territories?” They assume the speaker means the West Bank of the Jordan, of course, which has been under Israeli control following […]