Globe and Mail Amends Headline Describing Mahmoud Abbas As “Palestine” President

On May 12, the Globe and Mail published a Reuters article to its website with the following headline: “Palestine’s president blames Israel for Al Jazeera reporter’s killing.” The article itself referred to Abbas as the Palestinian President, not “Palestine’s” president. It does so, because, while the Palestinians desire statehood, they are not yet a state […]

HRC Prompts Toronto Star Clarification: IDF Killed 5 Palestinian Gunmen, Not Palestinians

On September 26, Israel Defense Force soldiers conducted a series of arrest raids against Hamas terrorists across the “west bank” which saw gun battles where five Hamas gunmen were killed and two Israeli soldiers were seriously wounded. In covering the hostilities, the Toronto Star published the following misleading headlines to its print edition and website […]

Toronto Star Amends Headline Removing Reference of “Israeli War Crimes”

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has been long criticized for its faulty methodology and anti-Israel biases. This week’s release of yet another HRW report condemning Israel for alleged “war crimes” was just another example of HRW’s gratuitous gang up on the Jewish state. As NGO Monitor President Gerald M. Steinberg described: “Human Rights Watch has a […]

HRC Prompts CBC Headline Amendment Acknowledging Violence in Israel

A May 29 article by CBC reporter Evan Dyer carried the following headline that we took issue with: “Violence in Gaza has left behind a changed political landscape in Canada.” As we told CBC News, it’s not fair, accurate or proper for CBC to ignore violence in Israel as evidenced by Hamas and other Palestinian […]