Media Repeat False Claim of “Illegal” Israeli Presence in Golan Heights

Just over 54 years ago, Syria joined an Arab-coalition comprised primarily of Egypt and Jordan in the Six Day War against Israel, launching artillery attacks against targets in the Galilee. While false reports abounded of a crushing Egyptian victory against Israel, and the imminent destruction of the 19-year-old Jewish State, Israel defended itself, and in […]

Eric Margolis Claims Pro-Israel NeoCons & Lawyers Control U.S. Mideast Policy

Best known for his anti-Western, anti-Israel, and even antisemitic bias, Eric Margolis’ habitual myopic portrayal of the Mideast region, promulgation of unsubstantiated allegations, and promotion of 9/11 conspiracy theories have seen this journalist, who used to write regularly for the Toronto Sun, be discredited as unreliable and biased. Two days ago, Margolis resurfaced by writing […]