Media Repeat False Claim of “Illegal” Israeli Presence in Golan Heights

Just over 54 years ago, Syria joined an Arab-coalition comprised primarily of Egypt and Jordan in the Six Day War against Israel, launching artillery attacks against targets in the Galilee. While false reports abounded of a crushing Egyptian victory against Israel, and the imminent destruction of the 19-year-old Jewish State, Israel defended itself, and in […]

HRC In Kingston Whig-Standard: Endorsement A ‘Deterrence’

In the Kingston Whig-Standard yesterday, HRC refuted columnist Gwynne Dyer’s claim that Israel acquired the Golan Heights in a war of territorial “conquest”. In fact, Israel came to possess the strategic plateau in a war of lawful self-defence in the face of annihilation by belligerent Syrian aggressors in the 1967 Six-Day War. See our full […]

CBC’s Appalling Coverage of Israel’s Daring Rescue of Syria’s White Helmets

Though Israel won widespread praise for its leading role and brave humanitarian efforts in the daring rescue of hundreds of individuals associated with Syria’s White Helmets, our public broadcaster, the CBC, produced truly appalling coverage that maligned Israel’s efforts. Amazingly, though media outlets wide and far prominently acknowledged Israel’s integral role in the dangerous rescue […]

Globe Reporter Omits Israel's Concerns of Arab Peace Initiative

Writing in the Globe and Mail yesterday (see full article below), foreign affairs reporter Patrick Martin covered Sunday’s official visit by Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry to Israel to discuss joint security efforts and to work towards forging comprehensive Middle East peace. In reporting on this rare visit by a high ranking Egyptian minister, Martin referred […]

HRC Daily Brief: Canadian News and Views About Israel

1) In the Toronto Star on January 9, reporter Joshua Mitnick produced a worth reading article about how “Israeli medics (and) Syrian war victims forge unlikely bond”. The report notes how: “Israel has been providing medical care to Syria’s wounded at the border, even though the countries are long-standing enemies.” Mitnick reports that: “The soldier […]