Globe & Mail Columnist Tacitly Demands Israel Surrender To Hamas

Mairav Zonszein’s June 3 opinion column in The Globe and Mail entitled: “Netanyahu’s hubris in Rafah is being fed by enablers at home and abroad,” is just the latest commentary in the Canadian news media by a supposedly thoughtful analyst on the Hamas-Israel war, but which does nothing more than ask puerile questions and offers […]

Globe & Mail Cartoon Portrays Anti-Israel Campus Occupiers As Noble Students Representing Popular Wave Of Protest Movement, Ignoring Hate & Harassment From Tiny Mobs

To have the news media tell it, the anti-Israel campus occupations on a small number of universities across Canada represent a wave of popular civil disobedience, particularly among the next generation who are eager to fight for social change. In reality, the occupations are primarily led by older adults and other non-students, hiding behind a […]

Globe & Mail Commentator Rewrites History: Refers To Arab Invasion Of Israel In 1948 As A “Civil War” & Falsely Claims 70% Of Gazans Homes Have Been Destroyed

In his May 14 commentary in The Globe & Mail entitled: “For Palestinians, the disaster unfolding in Rafah triggers painful memories,” Raja Khoury, a noted pro-Palestinian activist, attempts to elicit sympathy from readers on the anniversary of Israel’s independence, and does so by shamelessly rewriting history to suit his ideological purposes. Khouri referred to the […]

Success! Globe And Mail Reporter Deletes Social Media Post Which Called Convicted Palestinian Murderer “Most Famous Palestinian Political Prisoner”

On May 3, Globe and Mail Reporter Mark MacKinnon posted a message on X to his 103,700 followers, promoting his latest article entitled: “Marwan Barghouti is at the top of Hamas’s prisoner release list in proposed truce with Israel, brother says,” in which MacKinnon interviewed the brother of convicted murderer Marwan Barghouti, who is currently […]