In Prince George Citizen, HRC Rebuts Columnist’s Claims That Antisemitism “Largely Absent” At Anti-Israel Rallies 

On October 29, the Prince George Citizen, a newspaper in central British Columbia, published a column by writer Gerry Chidiac who platformed a small number of fringe anti-Israel Jewish activists across North America, and incredulously called the rampant antisemitism at anti-Israel rallies around the world “largely absent”. On November 2, the publication granted HRC Assistant Director […]

HRC Expounds on Desmond Tutu’s Anti-Israel Agenda in Prince George Citizen

While Demond Tutu’s campaign against discrimination in South Africa was laudable, much of the media, including Gerry Chidiac, a regular contributor to the Prince George Citizen, glossed over a dark aspect of Tutu’s legacy: his anti-Israel agenda. HRC responded to Chidiac’s January 16 column and our rebuttal was published on January 18 and can be […]

HRC In Prince George Citizen: Anti-Israel Protest Did More Harm Than Good

In the Prince George Citizen on July 18, HRC Marketing and Community Relations Associate Robert Walker commented on the actions of anti-Israel detractors in Prince Rupert, B.C., who refused to unload the cargo of a ship belonging to an Israeli company. As Robert put it, the anti-Israel protest did more harm than good: Boycotting Israel, […]