HRC Rebuts Anti-Israel Detractor’s Claiming That Israel Is Committing “Genocide”

  In a May 27 letter to Saltwire (Uneven coverage of humanitarian causes), writer Richard Deaton makes a number of accusations against both the Israeli Government and the Israel Defense Force; both of which are rife with inaccuracies and falsehoods. First, Mr. Deaton accuses Israel of expansionist policies, “directed against the Palestinians (that) appear to […]

Broadview Magazine Article Contained Factual Errors on Israeli-Palestinian Dispute

It’s never easy to delve into the muddy waters of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, and every honest attempt helps to uncover more truth. However, an article in Broadview Magazine, affiliated with the United Church of Canada, contained a number of factual errors which must be addressed. In a June 7 article entitled: “3 […]

Antisemitism Can Never Be Justified: HRC Asserts In Regina Leader Post

Rebutting the absurd claim that the recent surge in antisemitism “is in direct proportion to the outrage against Israel’s genocide and apartheid,” HonestReporting Canada Research Analyst Noah Lewis sets the record straight in the Regina Leader-Post today. Our letter was in response to this odious screed that was published on May 29 in the Leader […]