Success! Montreal Gazette Amends Article Which Falsely Claimed Most Palestinians Killed In Gaza Are Women & Children

On the front page of the Montreal Gazette on May 14, a report by Andy Riga, Michelle Lalonde, and Jacob Serebrin was published entitled: “Heavy police presence as thousands of Israel supporters rally in downtown Montreal,” which erroneously stated the following: “Taha said he understands where Israel supporters are coming from, but that he wants them to think about […]

Montreal Gazette Whitewashes Anti-Israel Protester’s Extremist Views

The May 11 edition of The Montreal Gazette featured an article which provided uncritical coverage of a small anti-Israel rally, and gave no context whatsoever on the claims made by radical activists. The article entitled: “Pro-Palestinian supporters protest in front of Israeli consulate in Montreal,” by author Erik Leijon, reported on a recent protest in […]