HRC Prompts Toronto Star Correction: Headline Presumed Israel Guilty of War Crimes

On March 3, HRC communicated our concerns to the Toronto Star in regards to a headline which presumed Israel guilty of war crimes and which failed to acknowledge that the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s investigation also sought to probe Palestinian terrorists for war crimes. The headline given to an Associated Press article stated: “ICC launches […]

HRC In Israel Hayom: “Gaza’s Terror Groups Prioritize War Over Human Life”

In Israel’s most widely-read newspaper Israel Hayom today, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman observed that the message that Palestinian terror groups are sending to the world by holding military-type drills is that they are showing where their priorities lie, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. Read our latest commentary on the Israel Hayom website or immediately […]

HRC Prompts Hill Times Correction to Sheila Copps’ Anti-Israel Column

On May 21, the Hill Times published an anti-Israel column by Sheila Copps, former deputy prime minister and cabinet minister in the Jean Chrétien government. HonestReporting Canada notified Hill Times editors that this column featured two serious errors: 1) Copps erroneously claimed that President Trump moved “the (U.S.) embassy to East Jerusalem”. Actually, he moved the […]

CBC AIH’s Carol Off Doubles Down Giving a Platform to Radical Anti-Israel Organization

True to form, two days after conducting a hostile and combative interview with former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren, CBC As It Happens and Anchor Carol Off doubled down yesterday evening by giving a platform to Avner Gvaryahu, the Executive Director of the anti-Israel radical organization known as “Breaking the Silence” to condemn Israel. To listen to the program […]