Le Devoir Columnist Accuses Israel Of “Indiscriminate “ Bombing In Gaza

Cliquez ici pour la version française In her May 13 opinion column in Le Devoir entitled: “Let’s stand up together for Rafah,” Camille Marquis Bissonnette, a professor of international law at the University of Quebec, showed a repeated and callous disregard for factual accuracy, instead making repeated false and extremely misleading statements in her anti-Israel […]

Globe & Mail Commentator Rewrites History: Refers To Arab Invasion Of Israel In 1948 As A “Civil War” & Falsely Claims 70% Of Gazans Homes Have Been Destroyed

In his May 14 commentary in The Globe & Mail entitled: “For Palestinians, the disaster unfolding in Rafah triggers painful memories,” Raja Khoury, a noted pro-Palestinian activist, attempts to elicit sympathy from readers on the anniversary of Israel’s independence, and does so by shamelessly rewriting history to suit his ideological purposes. Khouri referred to the […]

Complaint Filed! CBC Radio-Canada Article Legitimizes Term Used To Erase Israel

Cliquez ici pour la version française On April 17, CBC’s Radio-Canada published an article entitled: “Quebecers take part in a humanitarian mission in Gaza,” in which our public broadcaster glorified the propaganda, ideology, and behavior of anti-Israel extremists while failing utterly to uphold fundamental journalistic principles. The article reported on the participation of several Canadians […]