CBC/Radio-Canada Article Uncritically Quotes Palestinian Official Who Falsely Claims Roman-Era Archaeological Find Proves “Thousands of Years” of Palestinian History

Cliquez ici pour la version française Palestinian archaeologists working in the Gaza Strip have recently uncovered the tombs of at least 125 people, which dates back around two thousand years ago. The finding includes a number of partially intact skeletons, as well as two sarcophagi, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. But […]

CBC Journalist Defends Freelancer Who Glorified Palestinian Terrorism

Update: Subsequent to HonestReporting Canada’s alert and complaint sent to CBC News, Gillian Findlay, Co-Host of the investigative program “The Fifth Estate”, has been told that her October 12 Tweet violated the CBC’s social media policy, but has altogether failed to delete the offending Tweet, nor has she addressed her defense of a former New […]

United Nations Human Rights Council Launches Kangaroo Court Against Israel

The United Nations Human Rights Council, a notoriously anti-Israel body, recently announced it was forming a special commission to investigate alleged war crimes during the last war between Israel and Hamas terrorists. The commission will be spearheaded by Navi Pillay, a vocal anti-Israel advocate and past leader of the Council, and the commission’s findings seem […]

Media Must Spotlight Rising Gazan Opposition To Hamas Says HRC In The Suburban

In Montreal’s The Suburban newspaper on February 16, HonestReporting Canada commented on how the vast majority of Gazans are poor, and living in densely populated areas, under the oppressive thumb of the Hamas regime. And now, they may be finally speaking out – at great personal risk – against Hamas. This movement, called They Kidnapped […]

Toronto Star Gives Platform to BDS Whitewashing by New Israel Fund Head

UPDATE: November 27, 2021: In response to HonestReporting Canada’s complaint, the Toronto Star published the following clarification on November 27 to retract its falsely publishing that there are “Israeli-slash-Jewish-only roads”: Original Alert: November 16, 2021: In a front-page feature-length article on November 14, the Toronto Star gave significant coverage to an interview with Daniel Sokatch, […]