Economics Are Uniting Israel & The Arab World Together: HRC Asserts In Times Of Israel

In our latest commentary published in the Times of Israel, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman asserted that: “Recent years have shown that the desire for peace with Israel in the Arab world remains high, and there is no question that Israel’s economic growth will be a continued driver in forging comprehensive Middle East peace.” Read […]

Winnipeggers Condemn Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory Published in Winnipeg Free Press

On April 12, the Winnipeg Free Press published the following odious anti-semitic conspiracy theory peddled by letter writer Don Hermiston, who accused Israel of using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians: On April 14, the Free Press published the following four letters which criticized this letter and the paper itself for publishing it:

The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – April 5

Naturally, the bulk of Canadian media focused on the chemical attacks in Syria. See front page coverage from the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and National Post:       CBC Mideast Bureau Chief Derek Stoffel’s report sums up the situation: “‘Clearly a war crime’: International community denounces chemical attack in Syria but fails to act; […]