Foodbenders, Accused of Antisemitism, Launches New Crowdfunding Campaign

Canadian media take note, after having her previous fundraisers removed by GoFundMe for violating the sites terms of service, Kimberly Hawkins, Owner of Foodbenders, has found a new platform in LaunchGood, a platform which describes itself as “Crowdfunding Incredible Muslims Worldwide”, to host her latest “Foodbenders Legal Defence Fundraiser” which seeks to raise $100,000 to […]

HRC Interviewed in Toronto Sun: “Foodbenders Posts More Anti-Zionist Vitriol”

Today, the Toronto Sun’s Sue-Ann Levy produced another report on Foodbenders’ anti-Israel and antisemitic vitriol quoting HonestReporting Canada’s opposition to Foodbenders’ owner Kimberley Hawkins unrepentant Jew hatred which is on full display on their Instagram page. Mike Fegelman, executive director of HonestReportingCanada said Hawkins’ “Jew hatred” is unrepentant.   “It’s pretty ugly the torrent of […]

Does Foodbenders Support Ethnic Cleansing of 7 Million Israeli Jews?

Yesterday, Foodbenders issued a media statement on “activism and antisemitism” claiming that “Canada and Israel are settler colonial police states that need to be decolonized, demilitarized and defunded.” Firstly, Jews are indigenous to Israel and have lived there, uninterrupted, for 3,000 years and have legal, religious and ancestral claims to the historic land of Israel. […]