HRC Prompts CBC Clarification: Gaza Blockade Meant to Thwart Arms Shipments to Hamas

Once again, HRC has prompted to amend its reporting and to publish a clarification notice to acknowledge Israel’s rationale for enforcing a blockade of the Gaza Strip, which ensures that arms (rockets, mortars, etc.) aren’t transported to Hamas terrorists. Israel’s security concerns and its reason for implementing the UN-approved legal blockade of Hamas-run Gaza […]

UPDATED: CBC Gives a Platform to Yukon Resident’s Gaza Flotilla Fiasco

Update: June 25: On June 25, HRC received a reply from CBC News Executive Producer Lianne Elliott who upheld our concerns that the CBC’s article did not contain context to reference Israel’s security concerns and its rationale for the blockade of Hamas-run Gaza. Ms. Elliott wrote the following to HRC (emphasis added): You state that we should […]

Vancouver Sun Amends Unfair Flotilla Article After HRC Intervention

On June 29, the Vancouver Sun published the following article by reporter Joanne Lee-Young to its website entitled “B.C. man aboard ship reportedly captured by Israeli forces”.We were troubled that the article failed to acknowledge that a recognized terror group, Hamas, runs the Gaza Strip and this organization fired 4,000 rockets at Israel last summer. […]

HRC Prompts Globe Correction: Flotilla Vessel Had No Humanitarian Aid

In a May 17 Globe and Mail article entitled “Obama, Erdogan agree al-Assad must go”, Mideast bureau chief Patrick Martin wrongly stated: “Mr. Erdogan said he believed his visit would contribute to the resolution of the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident, the Israeli killing of nine Turkish citizens who were on board a vessel carrying humanitarian supplies […]

Canadian Jewish News: Radio-Canada Corrects Mavi Marmara “Attack” Report

Radio-Canada’s correction prompted by HRC of correspondent Ginette Lamarche’s report referencing the Mavi Marmara received news coverage in the following Canadian Jewish News article on April 26 “Radio-Canada corrects Mavi Marmara ‘attack’ report”: MONTREAL — Radio-Canada issued a correction to a report by its Middle East correspondent for her use of the word “attack” in referring […]

National Post & Yahoo! News Coverage of HRC Complaint Prompting SRC Correction

Following our recent success in securing a Radio-Canada correction for a recent Ginette Lamarche report which incorrectly claimed Israeli forces “attacked” vs. “interdicted” a flotilla vessel to Gaza in 2010, the National Post and Yahoo! News gave prominent coverage of our success. Both articles covered Ginette Lamarche’s problematic reporting history as SRC’s Mideast correspondent and they […]