CBC News Podcast Uses World Cup Games To Portray Israel As A Pariah

The FIFA World Cup games in Qatar, which began on November 20, has wrapped up after nearly a month. The soccer competition garnered media attention for a number of reasons, ranging from the deaths of thousands of migrant workers who toiled to help construct Qatar’s World Cup stadiums under deplorable conditions, the country’s support for […]

Hey Windsor Star: These Palestinian Protestors Support Israel’s Destruction!

Dear editors of the Windsor Star: These “Palestinian supporters” that you portray want the Jewish state of Israel replaced (destroyed) and made a Palestinian-Arab state judging by the logo of this organization which features a Palestinian flag over the State of Israel. Perhaps you might want to inform your readers about their agenda? Yours truly, […]

The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – March 15

A Palestinian student group in Oshawa has been accused of covering up an Israeli flag during a university’s diversity festival, triggering an online spat in which Jews are seemingly referred to as rodents. News thanks to the Toronto Sun. Metro News and the Hamilton Spectator picked up on an AP report headlined: “Gaza father seeks Israeli […]

CTV's Flag Fail

Yesterday afternoon, CTV Toronto reported the following (watch clip below): “To Israel now where peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are on hold after a shooting at a refugee camp near Ramallah. Israeli security forces opened fire on a group of Palestinians at a refugee camp early today killing at least two of them, and […]