Foodbenders Whitewashes Palestinian Terrorism

WHITEWASH ALERT Foodbenders is at it again, whitewashing and seemingly celebrating the recent incendiary balloon terror attacks being launched by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza into Southern Israel, burning up thousands of acres of land across the Negev.

National Post Headline Fails to Identify Dead Palestinian as Combatant

Terribly misleading headline from the National Post today. The Palestinian threw firebombs at Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers who returned fire in self defense. He was a combatant who should be identified as such. HonestReporting Canada calls on the Post to correct this horrendous headline. Send your considered comments to the Post at:

CTV News Amends Headline that Presented Palestinian Balloon Bombs as Party Favours

Update: January 28, 2020 Following the issuance of this media action alert, our complaint sent directly to CTV News and the response of HonestReporting Canada’s subscribers who complained directly to CTV News website editors, CTV’s headline which had presented balloon bombs launched by Palestinian terrorists as party favours, has been amended. CTV’s revised headline now […]

CBC TV Claims Fire Merely "Broke Out" at Joseph's Tomb

On October 16, HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with CBC where we strenuously objected to CBC TV’s reporting that morning by Anchor Heather Hiscox who claimed that fire merely “broke out” at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus vs. it being intentionally torched by Palestinian rioters. Ms. Hiscox’s report aired at 6:18am and it can be viewed […]