Brave Gazans Risk Their Lives To Speak Out Against Hamas Brutality

On August 11, 2023, Mike Fegelman, our Executive Director, was published in The National Post about how despite facing tremendous threats to stay quiet, Palestinians in Gaza have begun taking to the streets to protest against Hamas and the territory’s difficult living conditions. Since taking over the Gaza Strip in a short but bloody conflict […]

Adbusters Magazine Quotes Palestinian Saying First Palestinian Intifada An “Artistic Project”

In the most recent edition of Adbusters Magazine released in April, the Vancouver-based publication which describes itself as a “a global collective of writers, artists, designers, musicians, poets, philosophers and punks,” published a lengthy question-and-answer article entitled: “First Intifada was an Artistic Project,” featuring an interview between Croatia-based journalist Lela Vujanić and Khaled Hourani, a […]