Dear Chatelaine: There Is No State of Palestine

Dear Chatelaine, Contrary to your Magazine’s assertion, there is no such thing as a state of Palestine. On June 19, you featured an article by Chantal Braganza entitled: “This New Cookbook Is A Love Letter To Palestinian Food” about a new cookbook called “Falastin” co-written by Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley which sets out to […]

Memo to Globe and Mail: Israeli Lives Matter

One of the most egregious violations of journalistic standards is bias by omission. When important stories deserving of news coverage, gets ignored by journalists and news organizations. Ultimately, news consumers and our policy makers suffer when not informed of noteworthy global developments. Yesterday’s deadly terror attack in the Israeli community of Har Adar was deserving […]

SUCCESS! CBC Retracts Claim that Mahmoud Abbas is a "Staunch Opponent of Violence"

As we noted in our recent critical analysis of Canadian media coverage of the tensions and terror attacks on the Temple Mount, on July 22, had featured Associated Press coverage claiming that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is “… a staunch opponent of violence…” In making this statement, both AP and CBC News inserted their personal opinions into their […]