Explainer: The ICC, a Kangaroo Court that Engages in Palestinian Lawfare

  In the Middle East, the most dangerous actions typically come in the form of explosions, gunshots and bloodshed, but not always. On Friday, February 5, one of the most dangerous events in modern Middle East history occurred, but it happened in The Hague, a city in the Netherlands which houses the International Criminal Court […]

CBC Ignores Israeli Aid Offer For Devastated Beirut

Hey CBC News, your report today listed many countries (see below) who offered assistance to Lebanon, but you conveniently forgot to mention that Israel offered medical aid and humanitarian assistance to Lebanon following the Beirut blast. Though Israel is officially at war with Lebanon, it offered to help innocents who were harmed and are suffering. […]

SUCCESS! HRC Prompts CBC To Acknowledge Jerusalem Bus Bombing

Today, HonestReporting Canada liaised with senior executives at the CBC requesting that an online article published the day prior, prominently acknowledge that yesterday’s terror bus bombing in Jerusalem be acknowledged as such, and not just described as a mere bus “explosion”. We are pleased to report that our intervention prompted the CBC to amend their […]