Radio-Canada Article Evaluates “Legal” Issues Related To Anti-Israel Campus Occupation, Sharing Demonstrably False Statements With Zero Context

Cliquez ici pour la version française A recent Canadian Press article published by CBC Radio-Canada on May 25 entitled: “Private property or public space? The encampments spark a legal debate,” was ostensibly a review of the legality surrounding the small anti-Israel campus occupations, offering insights as to their legality and quoting so-called “experts” on the […]

HRC Subscriber Published In The Hill Times: Campus Protesters Misinformed

On May 15, HRC subscriber Cynthia Lazar was published in The Hill Times, responding to a May 8 letter that applauded protesters who illegally encamped on campuses across British Columbia, and who ignored the hateful and antisemitic rhetoric found in these encampments. Lazar rebutted this letter stating that not only is the writer ignorant, but […]

Hamilton Spectator Quotes Fake Pro-Palestinian Student Protestor Who Accused McMaster University Of Trying To “Stigmatize And Marginalize Students” Who Oppose Israel

On May 10, The Hamilton Spectator published an article by reporter Grant LaFleche entitled: “Group rejects ‘confrontational label in McMaster statement” which discussed the recent illegal anti-Israel encampment set up within the grounds of McMaster University. Within the article, LaFleche quoted an apparent 4th-year chemical engineering student by the name of Thaira Ahmed, who accused […]